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Below is the list of SI Bridges mentors and SI Bridges scholar's research topics

Cohort Scholar Research Topic Faculty
8 Thierra Christopher "An investigation on callose presence in rhizoids of Ceratopteris richardii gametophytes grown in increasing concentrations of silver nanoparticles" Dr. Renee Lopez-Swalls
7 Parmis Bizhanzadeh "Effects of Mesophication on the Biodiversity of Epiphytic Bryophytes" Dr. Laxmi Sagwan-Barkdoll
7 Dale Sunny "Is the Glucocorticoid receptor, NR3C1, present in PIT1 progenitor cells?" Dr. Buffy Ellsworth
7 David Altom "A Comparison of Emotion Recognition Skills Between Parents and Children" Dr. Lisabeth DiLalla
7 Ian Crunk "Using Behavioral Economics to Predict Sensitivity to Moral Injury in Military Recruits: Validation of the Moral Injury Purchase Task Dr. Justin McDaniel
7 Cole Dumas "Understanding the impact of machine learning tasks on power consumption of modern mobile devices" Dr. Iraklis Anagnostipoulos
7 Ashlishya Ghosh "Higher Concentration of Silver Nano Particles Inhibits Spore Germination, Growth and Development of the Gametophyte of Ceratopteris richardii." Dr. Renee Lopez-Swalls
7 Hannah Phillips "HPLC Method Development to Analytically Quantify Microcystin in Laboratory and Environmental Water Systems" Dr. Scott Hamilton-Brehm
7 Taryn Sauerbrunn "Can Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Be Used as a Biomarker for Endometrial Cancer" Dr. Mathew Young
7 Braeden Irby "Understanding New Tumor Suppressors in Cancer" Dr. Judy Davie
7 Alexis Pennington "Biodiversity of epiphytic bryophytes impacted by mesophication” Dr. Laxmi Sagwan-Barkdoll
7 Caleb Gentry "Comparing Survival and Mortality Rates of White-Tailed Deer Fawns" Dr. Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau
7 Rebekkah Schemonia “Role of active site loop region in the function of watermelon glyoxysomal malate dehydrogenase (MDH)” Dr. Laxmi Sagwan-Barkdoll
6 Jace Moore "Using machine learning to detect distracted drivers" Dr. Ning Yang
6 Kelsee Dodd "Using citizen science databases to assess American Black Bear Colormorphs in North America" Dr. Brent Pease
6 Jewel Green "Nestling Feeding Rates Relating to Weather" Dr. Michael Eichholz
6 Lauren Troutt "Burial Variation in Pope County, Illinois: A preliminary examination of historic cemeteries" Dr. Ryan Campbell
6 Tehya Payne "The influence of prenatal stressors on activity levels in preschool aged twins" Dr. Lisabeth Dilalla
6 Tamara Keene "GLP1 receptor expression in the hindbrain of rats given Doxorubicin" Dr. Joe Cheatwood
6 Kailee Henderson "Evolution of GADPH in bryophytes" Dr. Laxmi Sagwan-Barkdoll
6 Dawn Hale "Beneficial Symbiosis between Euprymna scolopes and the bacteria Vibrio fischeri" Dr. Bethany Rader
6 Logyn Frassato "Multisensory integration related to tooth extraction" Dr. Diana Sarko
6 Emily Duran "An investigation on callose and its role in the plasmodesmata of moss Polytrichum commune" Dr. Karen Renzaglia/Dr. Jason Henry
6 Ashley Bryant "Genotyping genetically modified mice with the Foxo1 forkhead transcription factor and Foxg1-cre resulting in tissue specific deletion in the pituitary gland" Dr. Buffy Ellsworth
6 Matthew Claar "The effect of herbicide drift on insect diversity" Dr. Karla Gage
5 Diamond Doan "How do Offenders stop committing crimes? Comparing Desistance strategies for Drug Offenders" Dr. Daryl Kroner
5 Lynon Smith "Prox1's role in anterior pituitary hormone function" Dr. Buffy Ellsworth
5 Amelia Brown "Pectin Assay of FRA1 Arabidopsis thaliana mutant" Dr. Laxmi Sagwan-Barkdoll
4 Kayla Stuthers "Analyzing the function of an Spo0M Homology in a gram-negative bacterium, Vibrio fischeri" Dr. Bethany Rader
4 Samuel Ramirez "Methods for breaking seed dormancy in Amaranthus palmeri (Palmer Amaranthus)" Dr. Karla Gage
4 Garrett Murry "The SET1 complex sub-units BRE2 and SDC1 and their effect on methylation of histone 3 lysine 4" Dr. Rod Weilbaecher
4 Cassandra Meadows "Investigating palatability in equine treats" Dr. Erin Perry
4 Alysha Giltner "How Arabidopsis thaliana is important to society" Dr. Jessica Lucas
4 Blaise Davis "The effects of Kinesin mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana" Dr. Jessica Lucas
4 Melody Bohl "Building a carbon nanotube-based biosensor" Dr. Saikat Talapatra
4 Dustin Bierbaum "Methods for breaking seed dormancy in Amaranthus tuberculatus (Waterhemp)" Dr. Karla Gage
4 Katrina Lemoine-Beaver "Understanding the role of chlamydia partner switching mechanisms under different stress conditions" Dr. Derek Fischer
3 Dalton Francis "Attachment styles, gender expression, and affect in gay male relationships" Dr. Douglas Knutson
3 William Browning "Studies on the structure, function, and evolution of moss stomata" Dr. Karen Renzaglia
3 Aaron Brenningmeyer "Anatomical differentiation of corpus callosum and hippocampus between typical adolescents and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder" Dr. Greg Rose
3 Levite Biddle "Improving Vaccine Permanence" Dr. Vjollka Konjufka
3 Dustin Basler "Stopped-Flow Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping of 129Xe and 131X" Dr. Boyd Goodson
3 Joesph Abbott "Localization of ERG Protein" Dr. Amber Pond
2 Saundra Wathen "Proprioceptive Neuron-Specific Production of Channelrhodopsin-2 in Embryonic Chicks" Dr. Sylvia Fromherz/Dr. Andrew Sharp
2 Tasha Swenney "Role of Microtubule Associated Proteins in Stomatal Movement" Dr. Jessica Lucas
2 Felicity Reiman "Encapsulation of Interferon-y by liposomes increases its persistence in the circulation of mice" Dr. Judy Davie/Dr. Amber Pond
2 Troy Johnson "Measuring NT-3 Levels in Pyridoxine Treated Embryonic Chicken Muscle" Dr. Sylvia Fromherz/Dr. Andrew Sharp
2 Austyn Frassato "Development of a Less-Invasive Meansto Measure Embryonic Neuronal Activity" Dr. Peter Patrylo
2 Lauren Derossett "Development of a Less-Invasive Meansto Measure Embryonic Neuronal Activity" Dr. Andrew Sharp/Dr. Peter Patrylo
2 Brittan Cobb "Evaluating the use of beads to protect essential fatty acids from rumen biohydrogenation" Dr. Amer Abughazaleh
2 Andrea Botello "Measuring NT-3 Levels in Pyridoxine Treated Embryonic Chicken Muscle" Dr. Andrew Sharp/Dr. Peter Patrylo
2 Tiffany Beanland "Exploring the Effects of Early Light Activation of Movement in Chick Embryos" Dr. Andrew Sharp/Dr. Peter Patrylo
1 Stacy Verdich "Callose localization during gametophyte development in the C-fern" Dr. Karen Renzaglia
1 Darmez Nelson "Craniofacial development controlled by optogenetics" Dr. Andrew Sharp
1 Taylor Kotschi "Studies on the rate of endocytosis in Tetrahymena" Dr. Andrew Sharp
1 Brandi Husch "Antimicrobrial properties of liverwort extracts" Dr. Karen Renzaglia
1 Martin Flores "Achieving chief expression in astrocytes of embryonic chicks" Dr. Andrew Sharp
1 Baylen Earles "Development of live-cell imaging system for neurons" Dr. Greg Rose
1 Europe Doan "Investigating TCEAL7 as a tumor suppressor gene in Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer" Dr. Judy Davie
1 Kesia Denney "Believe or Not Believe? Theory of mind and peer interactions" Dr. Lisabeth Dilalla
1 Laura Botello "Determining the role of Gar1 protein in the H/ACA ribonucleoprotein complex of Haloferax volcani" Dr. Ramesh Gupta
1 Jose Botello "Inhibition of spontaneous movement using light-activated ion channels" Dr. Andrew Sharp